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Pensacola Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling a kitchen is a project that many homeowners dream about. You may be getting ready to take your plans for a kitchen remodel out of the dreaming stage and into reality.

However, before you transition your current kitchen into your dream space, you want to consider a few key points to ensure that you enjoy the results you really want and need out of the completion of this grand project.

The Benefits of Kitchen Remodel

The scope and cost of a kitchen remodel project can vary considerably based on the size of the kitchen, the quality of fixtures and appliances installed, if significant structural changes have been made and more. The fact is that making even small changes to the space, such as resurfacing the cabinets and updating the counter tops can add aesthetic beauty to the space. More significant changes may improve the functionality of the space for additional benefit. A remodeled kitchen can increase property value, and it can also make your time in the kitchen more beneficial and productive.

Different Types of Kitchen Designs

One of the first steps you should take when preparing to remodel your kitchen is to choose the right design for your space. Traditionally, a kitchen had a triangular design, which means that the cooking area, the sink and the refrigerator were placed in areas that formed an imaginary triangle. Now, however, innovative designs like an L-shape, a galley and a one-wall design are increasingly common. Special needs accessibility is also available for homeowners that want everyone in the family to be able to enjoy cooking and getting around the kitchen. The kitchen is often the place that friends and family congregate, so why not make it fun for everyone? Many seniors enjoy their independence living and only need to make some accommodations to the home to continue to enjoy that lifestyle and Independence. Changing the design in your kitchen may help you to improve the flow of traffic in your space, open up the room, increase storage capabilities and more. Take time to consider how beneficial each of the design options may be to your use of the kitchen.

Decorating Options

Then, you want to take time to explore the different options for cabinets, floors, sinks, faucets, lighting, counter tops and more. A beautiful and functional kitchen is your goal, but you can achieve this with any number of looks. For example, you may opt for a modern or contemporary look in your kitchen, or perhaps a French country or a traditional style is more suitable for your space. The kitchen is often viewed as the heart of the home, and it is a common gathering place when entertaining. Because of this, you should choose a décor that complements and enhances the overall décor found throughout the rest of the home.

Storage Solutions

One of the most significant complaints homeowners have about their kitchen relates to storage space. Some homes have minimal storage space due to the small size of the kitchen, and others may appear to have ample space, but the space is not functional. There are a number of storage solutions available to homeowners. For example, pull-out shelves in the cabinets can enhance accessibility to the items stored in there and can improve the functional use of this space. Eliminating a narrow walk-in pantry and installing pantry features with built-in cabinetry may improve the look of the space and the amount of storage space available.

Customizing Your Space

As a final note, you may consider if you need to customize your space to meet special needs in your home. For example, if you or a family member is in a wheelchair, you may consider adjusting the space between the cabinets and island to accommodate the wheelchair. If someone in your family is shorter in height, you may consider lowering the cabinet height and counter top height slightly or including built-in steps. There are a number of reasons why you may need to customize your space when remodeling your kitchen, and they all boil down to ensuring that the kitchen is functional for those who will spend time in it.

A Word About Budget

Before you begin your project, you can count on us to give you a variety of options to fit most budgets. You will know the cost up front so that you can have the peace of mind that the kitchen remodeling project will go as planned and on budget.

Remodeling your kitchen is a wonderful idea that can transition your existing space into the kitchen of your dreams. Let us help you make that dream come true!

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